Solitutticelli – cello quartet and cello ensemble


Solitutticelli is a cello quartet and cello ensemble. We are cellists living and performing in Brno who decided to create and discover the beauty of the sound of cellos.

We want to play for the enjoyment of our souls and for the joy of music. Apart from classical music, our repertoire now also includes pop, rock, jazz (ragtime) and film music.

We perform at public and private concerts, company events, weddings, or just for pleasure in the street. We are able to prepare an interesting programme of educational concerts for primary and secondary school pupils.







"When I was 3 years old, my brother looked at me and asked: "When are you finally going to be any good at something and start doing something useful?" My answer was that my little hands would never work; I would play the violin like the men on TV (Josef Suk´s concert was on). However, my teacher at the music school explained to me that bigger is better and that the cello is the best of all. It has violin and bass positions and, in terms of colour, nothing can compare to it. As a typical young child, I swallowed the bait and my dad almost had a stroke (he had already made a shelf for the little violin) and my little hands had to work a lot after all for him to realise that she had been right. Since I ended up in the Brno Philharmonic, my dream has come true — to be a part of a large group which runs like clockwork, each little part cannot work without the other and the result cannot be described, one must experience it. It is simply something more than mere words can express. And chamber music? I get much more creative freedom there and, thanks to the great group of people around me, we can inspire each other and provide a new sound to the music and its nuances and refine our taste in music (without which I would starve artistically). Moreover, when a person has an open mind and a warm heart, it is the joy and passion that combine with beauty."



"I inherited my musical talent from my parents. Since childhood, music has accompanied my every step. I started playing the violin and singing and, when I was 10 years old, began to play the cello too. I remember my mother taking me to a concert of "Má vlast" (My country). I sat in the first row right next to the cello section and this was the final moment that decided me on playing only the cello. I continued playing at Brno Conservatory and then moved on to Bachelor's and Master's studies at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. The cello has a beautiful tone colour and a combination of several cellos creates brilliant colour lines."



"I have been playing the cello since I was a kid. As a first-year music pupil, I played the recorder, but soon enough I changed to cello and started to play in a students´ chamber orchestra in Šumperk. And I loved it, so I continued with my cello studies at the Kroměříž Conservatoire. I have always preferred chamber music and orchestra as I like collaborating and creating something unique with other musicians. Apart from music, I am into dancing and yoga and I'm learning Spanish. What I really love is travel."



"Since my childhood, I have experienced music very passionately and actively as a singer in the children´s choir at SFB. Then I fell in love with the cello during one of the joint concerts with members of the Philharmonic. Since then, I've been playing the cello intensively, not only in the orchestra but also in chamber ensembles. I engage in cello teaching which allows me to rediscover the mystery and beauty of cello playing."